Your Roadmap to Simple Self Care and a Rock Steady Personal Practice

If you have been hearing the buzz words “Self  Care”  coupled with the words  “Personal Practice” as much as I have these days you may also find  yourself asking the following; “Why would I and why should I start a personal practice?” furthermore “how do I do this? ”  and “where do I start?”   Finally “what do I do?”

I’m going to answer all of these questions .

Let’s start with the “Why”.   For one: We are living in an  fast paced world, we are bombarded and processing information faster than ever and demands upon each household member are high. This increases your bodies levels of the harmful stress hormone, cortisol. As a culture we are existing in a state of ( a deactivated vagus nerve) fight or flight. Many of you have to sustain 4 or 5 jobs, projects and side hobbies that make you a little extra cash  in order to simply survive in the areas you have chosen to live.  If you live in a small  Northern California town, like me, you likely believe I’m talking specifically about you.  Partly I am ; of course yes, I am right there with you…but SO many, in so many areas of our country are experiencing this same phenomenon. And the stress of this pressure is literally killing us.  Many are trying to raise healthy children on top of all of the other pressures.  Self care practices can feel like a joke.  A luxury! & who has time for that?

Here’s were we get into my 5 (among many) favorite benefits   and an invitation to think outside the Personal Practice box.   Something that can get us held up or held back, is believing our practice has to look a certain way & be a certain thing.   My approach is to carve out just 20 minutes a day for yourself.  Perhaps you can set your alarm to rise 30 minutes earlier than you usually do: 10 minutes to make a cup of tea and 20 minutes for your practices. It can be that simple. It’s a start and can lead into longer stretches of time.   I suggest yoga , meditation , breathing , journaling and hydrating as a start, but you can do anything that feels nourishing to you! I love to wake up before the light comes and just sit with a cup of tea by candle light, it is my simplest self care practice.  I can provide you with further guidance should you feel the need for personalized instruction.  All of the above practices can lift and support the following:

-Increased productivity through out your day.

-Increased patience with frustrating situations.

-Greater energy reserves and greater energy through out the day. 

-Increased release of metabolic waste.

-Improved Digestion

My conclusion : Essentially …  a regular, consistently-shown-up-for practice starts to give back rewards that are uplifting, life affirming and positive. You will see things start to unfold that you may have previously thought were impossible. Doubtful?  well there is one way to prove or disprove my case here.  Ready to start? Let’s do this.

Next lets talk about the “How?” Beginning with an intention: “I want to heal past hurts, I want more energy throughout my days, I want to help my body and my inner organs to work more succinctly, I want to be more happy, I want to increase my productivity through out my days! I want to help my digestive system!” That is a start & they most certainly can lead to other great things. Then, I suggest creating a little altar around this intention. Think outside the box, it does not have to be anything fancy, it could be a rock on a shelf, next to a candle.  At times just the act of clearing off a (possibly previously cluttered) space can be powerful in that it gets the ball rolling and positive changes in all areas of your life begin to unfold.  Next clear a space that is all yours for your practice. If mornings are good for you , (as I mentioned above) set your alarm 30 minutes earlier & roll out!  I have long long lists of self care personal practices and you can access more of them here. For now I am keeping it as simple as possible.

Finding the right practice & “what do I do?” There are billions of short sequences on YouTube and other platforms you may choose to follow. Once you have set your intention and then rolled out, take the next step and choose a practice that you can do at any time of day. You can also start just by closing your eyes, and breathing in and out for 5 breaths, side stretches sitting up or laying back and stretching your legs. Also taking parts and pieces from your group classes, writing them down in class or asking your instructor if you can record him/her.  I have people do this with me often.  Find a workshop that provides guidance in establishing a strong personal practice.  Eventually it becomes a daily nonnegotiable & then the practice starts giving back to you. The rewards are great & many!

Finally “where do we start?” I have to say, start with you! Believe me; You are worth it! Ask for help.  You have been working very hard achieving, killing’ it through long lists of things to do and helping others and offering and giving and providing so much to your immediate family and both local and global communities. You deserve a break! Take one daily 20 minute medicinal moment just for you to connect to you, to connect to your breath & to your bodie’s tightened or imbalanced places.  Save your life in this beautiful way. A daily introspective practice helps us with inner awareness (interoception) and with finding out just where we’re at, where we have been and where we need to go. Our fast pace is not helping us to be aware of these areas. It’s productive and badass to slow down. #slowisthenewstrong #simpleisthenewadvanced.  If you are at a crossroads and ready to start fresh… perhaps this letter was intended just for you!  Enjoy and please let me know if I can support you on your journey.  I teach several YOGA CLASSES a week that you can choose from & I provide one on one COACHING in which we can design your perfect morning, afternoon or evening routine to get you back on track.

On behalf of revitalizing your lifestyle, healing your body & your relationship to yourself & To your optimal health! Delphine & Dew Drop Wellness




5 Tips To Get You Ready For Spring!

A new SPRING season is right around the corner. I know: already?  …

March 20th to be precise !  and I’m excited because a seasonal shift invites a much needed opportunity to slow down, pull back and assess what is working and what is not.    It is a great time to take inventory … if you will.

So, I invite you to ask yourself ; what is working for you ?

And I’d like to take this a little further : what is working for you spiritually , emotionally and physically ?   You can meditate on these  3 areas .

And , while we are here : What isn’t working for you?    Just to dig in a bit.
With out getting heavy on ourselves, let’s just simply invite shift in these areas. As humans we often  tend to stick around in relationships long after we have finished learning from them. And long into the time when they are no longer a part of our uplifted healing journey .  I’m talking about relationships to certain foods, thinking habits, conditioned consciousness , self talk , people , careers etc.  It’s not always cut and dry and rarely does the clarity just “come to us” so incorporating certain habits to increase your awareness is at the foundation of what I’m talking about.
This invitation to dig in has the potential to be BIG stuff , but it’ll only be big for you when you’re really ready to shift it!!   If you are feeling READY than keep on reading!

I am going to provide you with some  tools for BIG shift: body , mind and spirit. Tools that you can apply and use for this upcoming season  in a little bit!

By being a part of nature we don’t have to fight it if suddenly we find ourselves feeling  “OFF” , out of whack , extra emotional (like that’s a bad thing;) ) , foggy or sluggish.  This is a natural response to a seasonal shift!  You might notice this fogginess get extra pronounced around 4 times a year.  I say :  Go with it!  Cancel plans , be in nature, unplug from your device and drink more cleansing water! Invite the systems of your body to release   unwanted sludge!

Winter is almost officially over & we have by nature ,  been hibernating and gestating seeds .  We have been gestating and nourishing both seeds for  food to feed our bodies  & of course seeds of intentions … & YES , go there with every analogy you possibly can; because  I love to remind you that “you are a part of nature , not separate from it ”  .  Your intentions are seeds to be planted and your thoughts are prayers . Every single one of them.

So … here goes!

1) RECOMMIT TO THINK POSITIVELY . One way to do this is to add life affirming thoughts to your days in order to see miracles happen and to see  “things” shifting.  It can take some time , of course , so don’t lose heart . Keep on affirming and allowing yourself to feel into the gratitude that would emerge were these prayers, intentions and dreams to come true . Feel the gratitude before the desired result. This will help it to come to life!
Notice when the critical thinker comes in and is hurting or holding back your evolution and with that “Flip the Script”! try to switch up negative thoughts to kinder more uplifting ones.   I love to help people with this with easy quick strategizing sessions in Lifestyle and Health Coaching !

Also Spring time is about ABUNDANCE !  FERTILITY ! CREATIVITY ! AND EXPRESSION!  so while  you’re picking up that I am encouraging you to slow down and take inventory , pull back a bit , let go & to assess . It is also a season  for  receptivity  and invite IN goodness and ADD in new great things and practices.   YES!  Do  all of that slowing down and energetically pulling back ,  with the  intention to ready and steady yourself for a Spring Time Season of success creativity and abundance!
think positively
Back to my list of a few things that I have found to be helpful for me !

Maybe it’s time to try a new group class or a  live yoga class , with a real instructor . Maybe you are ready to join up with a supportive crew , all of whom are also on a journey of self discovery and balance.
I also re-up practices of daily meditation and pranayama (breathing) at seasonal shift times.  I’ll dig a bit deeper into meditation and pranayama in my upcoming SPRING EQUINOX YOGA workshop!  Of which I am SUPER excited about .

The body system most effected by Spring Time ,  or the system of your body that would like the most attention from you now is DIGESTION!!   water , when chugged at the appropriate times of day (NOT with your food & NOT cold ) can really help with digestion  and detoxification .

I suggest sipping at least 3 quarts of warm water with lemon , raw ginger root slices or lime with cucumber or mint ? Just to make it interesting and delicious  (and these days I’m adding a sprig of fresh rosemary ! it looks beautiful floating around in my mason jar and makes drinking water feel luxurious!). Often times when we are feeling sad , or experiencing intense cravings …  we are just thirsty!   See what happens when you change up (not only limiting thoughts) but your thirst blueprint too!
spa water .jpg

Find ways to nourish your physical  body , but also your emotional and spiritual bodies . What are those each missing these days?
Do you have a good friend who allows you to be completely yourself? Are friendships feeding you or draining your energy?  (I know… more inventory) . I suggest surround yourself with NOURISHING connections.   Are your thoughts highly critical ? are you dwelling in self acceptance ? or self Hatred?  You might want to set an intention to NOURISH your emotional / spiritual body with more meditation or affirmations of self acceptance.   Take time for yourself to regroup , write in your journal and pamper yourself: body , mind & spirit .  Also nourishing is home cooked food ! This is a big step in getting yourself strong and healthy. Food prep (especially healthy food) can take a lot of time !! One thing I’m working on is picking one day a week to do my food shopping and food prep. And then through out the week I have healthy things to choose from rather that waiting until  my blood sugar is low and making poor choices .  Convenient foods are more often than not , not your healthiest most life giving choices.
Spring Cleaning as a concept can seem daunting , you might want to just start with one small goal . Set a timer ( 25 minutes?) and take JUST that much time ( & not one minute longer)  to tackle that project : Your sock drawer (or basket in my case) , the jars , or pile of bags , of bulk foods in your pantry?  You might create a schedule  , sort of like the food prep days , where you bite off a bit at a time and consider it an ongoing lifestyle shift!

And for your physical body.   Just know that  you do not have to sign up for anything , you may need an expert by your side coaching through or you may just want to  start by cutting out  the nutritionally void, toxic, processed foods  , like processed sugars , grains , oils, or processed animal products (as in ALL OF THAT PROCESSED “food” THAT INCREASES METABOLIC WASTE & BOGS YOUR HARD WORKING BODY DOWN… making you feel tired and irritable) …   but try not to  focus too much of your energy on cutting these processed foods out , lean more on what you are adding into your daily life : things like  plenty of healthy fats and plant-based proteins,  Fun  Delicious Spa Water , nourishing connections , a high powered probiotic , how you are healing your gut with  your fermented veggies , other fun and healthy recipes you are adding in that support this successful seasonal shift! .  Maybe a healthy ,  life affirming , Seasonal 3 day Detox  that focuses on your bodies NATURAL abilities to heal and to detoxify ,  one that is drenched in self love and positivity , lead by that expert previously mentioned , (wink wink)  would be helpful to deciphering  what is fueling your body and what (like coffee , sugar or alcohol ) might be depleting it.  Every now again we need a good , more thorough 21 day whole body reBOOT!  

I may be a bit ahead of myself but I am excited and so , consider yourselves forewarned :  I will be talking a lot about how to “Do it right” this spring season .  This feels like an important one… especially if you are planting seeds and inviting big shift!!
Stay in touch with me ! I’d love to share more!
Here are all of my upcoming events!  I sure do  hope to see you soon!
Love Delphine

A Happy Healthy Gut …

…is a very very good thing !

Hello Friends !  I just had great success making probiotic rich kraut so …  I got jazzed to write to you about it! Contained herein:  my new favorite Kraut recipe and how to make it !   Reflections on this New Year thus far and in true Delphine fashion ; a few type-o’s , several rabbit holes and a whole LOTTA genuine excitement for you to thrive and succeed in all that you do!

  Yes , we are just Halfway through the first month of  2018 !  and I think it’s a great time to reset!! You might be in need of a little 🍃three day reset🍃 & In fact I am not afraid to share with you some of my goals …  ONE of them is to reset every two weeks , to create a new fresh fun goal and follow through with it.  Keep the ones I really love … as in continue to give them time to steep and to do their work and let the others go.   I am working with my own psychology here ( I don’t do well cold turkey , I rebel when I feel deprived and have horrible follow through unless I am being held accountable by at least one other person) and I don’t think I’m too terribly unique in all of that.   Ha ha ! and none of the above is true 100% of the time.  So there ya have it. A sneak peek into my tendencies. Growing wiser is just so great that way.

As many of you know ; I prefer , as a general rule , to talk about what is going well & continuing along that projection. Keeping it positive while practicing discipline and care.  I aim to be as healthy as I can be . In my relationships and in particular my relationship to myself.  Healthy & Balanced are my key ingredients.  I like to crowd out the “bad” with GOOD additions and activities and also as a general rule I like to focus upon what I am ADDING in , rather than joining up with the terrible and ineffective mess that is (horribly and appropriately referred to as)  “janurhexia”.    Ugh.  It is a disordered cultural phenomenon .  So let’s rebel!!  and let’s do that.  Let’s add in ! & let’s be healthy on more levels than just physical bodywise.  Being healthy includes body , mind and spirit and asks us to become mindful of where our dreams and goals are really coming from .  A regular Yoga Class (among other modalities) with an informed  teacher can help you to cultivate that awareness and to sift through conditioned consciousness around patterns and limiting thoughts.

Yes!! all that and more about your GUT!   there is a direct connection between gut health and mental health.  Your (head) brain needs your (gut) brain to be healthy and thriving.  More and more studies are surfacing connecting improvements in people suffering from depression  to probiotics! That is huge.  A good probiotic Intake can help our lives internally and externally in more ways than we may know.

More about my intentions:   I have a distinct goal to take charge of my inner terrain and to implement a powerful probiotic into my every day life . I also aim to use fermented veggies and kraut (homemade by me … of course) as a way to get my inner bacterial culture & microbiome thriving again!!  I’m loving the mission & today I’m fired up because I just took my first batch of 2018 out of it’s fermenting station and tasted it.  To my surprise and delight it was DELICIOUS!! So I’m pumped to share it with you !

Your gut culture ( that really is what it is … a culture of good and bad bacterias) may be suffering too & you may wish to hop on my band wagon  if you had a consistent or have:

  1. a consistent stint of drinking alcohol regularly .
  2. been eating lots of sugar (refined and unrefined).
  3. have taken several rounds of antibiotics in your life , or even just recently.
    Time to Get to know your happy healthy GUT! and restore your probiotic culture. 
  • feeling lethargic, foggy headed and sad.
  • So .. .are you ready?  Let’s get “CULTURED!!”   our aim is to “CROWD OUT” the bad bacteria , with the good bacteria … much like I like to do as I mentioned above , ‘focus on adding in!’ not taking out.   So I tend to constantly add in GREAT healthy , healing things into my lifestyle to keep myself on the healthy and non isolated or deprived track.  

Your gut is amazing and I could talk about it for days , but I will leave you with these few fun facts and get you to your much anticipated simple kraut recipe.   I’m calling it mine , bc I added my two favorite healing seeds  and it turned out (in my humble opinion) AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! so enjoy & enjoy the incredible benefits .

Your gut:

  1. contains 2/3 of your immune system
  2. connects to your bodies ability to create saratonin ( a mood booster)
  3. has over 200 lymph nodes (filtering out toxins)
  4. when only the recipient of love and acceptance , cultivates creativity and passionate flow .  belly hatred blocks creative flow and keeps us stuck in old patterns
  5. is over 4 miles long!! (the small intestine that is) and is  processing every single thing you present it with (including emotional toxins) . By processing i mean enzymatically and using surface area , turning foods into usable energy and building blocks for your brain , blood , bones , muscles and more! in addition to cleaning out stuck stuff and replenishing all systems.

Just a few fun facts … well clearly I will have to write another post about this topic as I am bursting with excitement to share more with you on the topic.

Here is what I made recently 

Gather  supplies and ingredients :

supplies : 1 crock or several quart size mason jars (sterilized), a long sharp knife or mandolin ,  a cutting board , a large salad or serving bowl . your clean hands , good music!

4 green or purple cabbages , purple have a higher nutrition / antioxidant value , but I like the way the green looks .   huh.   silly I know . Both are highly nutritive so I’d switch back and forth.

Plenty of salt

1 + Tbs black mustard seeds

1+ Tbs cumin seeds whole

Make IT!

Take 5 or 6 whole cabbage leaves off of the outer cabbage and set aside.

Cut each cabbage into quarters to start and then thinly slice each quarter using your knife or mandolin into the large bowl , after each quarter is sliced into the bowl , spend some time massaging the cabbage to break up it’s plant cell walls and to effectively make your brine.  don’t add water unless you really need to or were not able to make a brine by massaging.

While massaging , sprinkle with ample salt and some of the mustard and cumin seeds.

Repeat until all quarters are in the bowl. You may add more mustard seeds and cumin too.  Continue massaging . and then transfer to your crock or mason jars .

This crock pictured above ( made by Havana Davidson … my sister amazing ceramic artist of functional goods) has the weight and a nice lid. You can find similar products online , or just use mason jars with white PB free plastic lids.

Ensure that your brine is over the top of all vegetable matter, you can create a seal with whole cabbage leaves ( seen below) and a weight over the top of the seal to ensure all cabbage stays UNDER THE BRINE .

Store in a cool dark place .

Check on it periodically .

if you see mold , clear it off and continue fermenting.  Bubbles are good ! it means things are working.  Your kraut is done ( in 3-6 weeks) when the cabbage has softened  & you can taste a slightly fermented flavor. It’s gone too long if it is slimy and overly vinegary flavored.

Enjoy , my favorite way , on toast with avocado.

over salads  & in soups .

or just by itself outa the jar with a fork! happens to be what I am doing … right now!   to your healthy guts!

Love Delphine and Dew Drop Wellness.

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more lovely stuff ! ready for your 24 Hour Staycation?

My delicious tridoshic Kitchari Recipe which inspired this kraut!

To you & your revitalized Health !!

Your Complete 24 hour spa day !

A 24 Hour Spa Day & Wellness Flush Brought to you By Dew Drop Wellness! 

We  at Dew Drop Wellness invite you to ,    

Start off the new year right by treating yourself to the luxury of an at-home spa day in the comfort of your own home!

I’ve taken all the prep work out of it for you so you can simply enjoy yourself and reap the benefits of a full day of rejuvenation.  21EA54AF-B586-403A-AFCA-ACAFD1306B85

My at-home Spa package includes:  

  1. A 45  minute detoxifying yet gentle  yoga practice lead by me.  
  2. A wellness FLUSH.
  3. An audio with a  guided meditation which if followed by  guidelines laid out for you to follow throughout your personal  At Home Spa Day.
  4. An hour by hour checklist for you to follow with the entire day
  5. Recipes!  For  herbal tea , the 24 hour menu  , face masks , alkalinizing baths and warm oil massage plus homemade face mask. It is all  mapped out for you.
  6. Toning Elixers , and other At Home Spa Recipes from my Apothecary.
  7. A plan and an invitation to continue this healing  routine on a seasonal , monthly or weekly basis.
  8. Me… on your team!  

After an  at-home spa day you’ll be:

-Energized and refreshed!

-clear and balanced.

-Alert and light!

-Less Bloated … naturally!

-Ready to tackle your next steps.

-One day of relaxation can : Decrease stress hormones , boost your immune system, assist with weight loss  and aid in heart health. 

-Taking care of yourself in this lovely way will create a platform where , In all other areas of your life you are  , more effective , succinct and efficient.

-Relaxed , Rejuvenated and Rested , having taken some much needed time out to pamper yourself.

-Better equipped to proceed with goals and intentions. You’ve been giving a lot to others… it’s your time now.

-Given the jump start you need to move forward to what is next for you .

-Already feeling the great benefits of clean eating.  

-Feeling Good in your body , which means , Feeling good in your life!

& More! img_3841
Normally priced at$99, I’m offering this package for$77 if you purchase anytime in the month of January… that is before midnight on 1/30 so that you can ring in this new year  with a commitment to your health and wellbeing-you deserve that in 2018!

Signing up is simple:

1) click this  link  , or the link below that reads:  “I’m Ready to Pamper!” , provide me with the email address that I can send you the package to, and I’ll send it to you right away.

2) enter the amount $77 if before January 30th at midnight , or $99 any day thereafter.

3) When Prompted : please select “sending $ to friends & family” or use Venmo. … my new favorite.

4) sit back and relax as information starts coming through to you!  

I cannot wait to support you in this way!

Love Delphine

ps … Need a 21 Day Cleanse?img_4718

I’m Ready To Pamper!

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SPRING CLEANSE !! (1 of 4 I’m offering this year!)

March 19th

♥Are You Ready for a little SPRING CLEANING?♥ Join Us!


In this gimmick-less , research driven , optimum health , cleanse you will learn techniques for healing  & long term balanced , sustainable health and wellness . Follow this link for more FAQ and a more in depth descriptions of what exactly you would be signing up for.  Read More here about Delphines approach to healthy living ! 

spa water

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ONGOING  : A 24 Hour Spa Day

You deserve a break !!

I’ve created ( with menu • recipes • hourly choreography!•)


This ones Ongoing … a fully choreographed Spa Day & Wellness Boost ! All from the comfort of your own home ! Find out more Right Here! & give yourself a beautiful , affordable , at Home Spa Day Staycation , Wellness Kickstart! I’ll teach you tools & techniques to balance your health & to pamper yourself with recipes and ancient tools for boundless energy that you can use all year round !

You deserve a little “Me Time” … you can also gift this to someone you love.

Cleansing Detoxifying Kitchari

Delphine’s Ayurvedic Healing & Nourishing Kitchari-

•Ignite digestive Fire

•Unbloat the Belly

•Digest well again

My various tweaks and modifications make this a nontraditional kitchari & also not specifically indicated for one of the three dosha (imbalance) , but still VERY healing & VERY delicious!! Try it out, experiment with different recipes and make it JUST the way you like it.
Here are a few of the reasons I am fanatical about it these days:

1) kitchari ingredients are Medicinal , cleansing and tummy soothing . Eating this nourishing food is a great way to get a healthy dose of turmeric , ginger , onions and garlic- digestive , anti-inflammatory , carminitive , etc. For weight loss , cleansing and pain reducing properties.
2) you’re in control over how much CILANTRO you add , but I recommend : a hefty dose to take advantage of all that it provides –vitamins a, d , k & c plus helps with heavy metal detoxification. Plus GREAT phytonutrients !
3) Clarified Butter Or GHEE ( melted and stirred in) – warm up to healthy FATS , they are amazing for your skin & bones and also feed your brain.
4) Lime Juice – for a big shot of vitamin C – which is cancer fighting , immune boosting , anti oxidant rich.
5) Not to mention the LONG list of the other spices that are great for your heart , immune system , digestion , blood and bones ! this is a SUPER food in it’s own right!!

Read more right here , for what Dr . Douillard says about what is so amazing about kitchari (kitchadi)

For a traditional recipe use white jasmine rice and yellow split moong dahl.
Yellow Split mung dahl is difficult to find , you can get it at asian specialty stores and online . So feel free to use brown rice if you prefer .. you can even use Quinoa.
Honestly I am LOVING it in it’s traditional form –white jasmine rice
And then choose any “bean” of your choice
Yellow, green or red lentils all work
Mung beans or yellow moong dahl when you can find it.

Gather & Prep Ingredients:
2 cups white rice
1 cup yellow moong dahl
3 tbs coconut oil
one whole white onion peeled and chopped into small pieces
3-5 medium sized garlic cloves / diced
1/8 tsp garam marsala
1 inch fresh ginger root (grated into spices with a microplaner)
½ inch fresh turmeric root (grated into spices with a microplaner)
½ tsp black mustard seeds
¼ tsp cumin ground
¼ tsp cumin seeds
3 cardamom pod (open pods and empty seeds into spices)
tub of ghee (from the grocery store , or make your own)
course sea salt
bundle of cilantro


Using a large sauce pan
Heat coconut oil over medium heat
Reduce heat then Add onion and garlic , sauté for 7 minutes stirring often
Add mustard seeds
Grate ginger and turmeric into the mix
Keep stirring
Empty three cardomom pods into the mix
Garam marsala
Cumin & cumin seeds
Stir and cook spices for another 5-7 minutes
Add rice and lentils stir up some more and then add 6 cups of water .

Continue stirring everything together until it comes to a near boil.
Cover and allow to simmer until the rice and beans are cooked completely .
Add more water as needed and more water as you get to know the consistency that you prefer .

Final Phase – ENJOY !

In the bottom of a bowl , toss ½ Tbs ( or more?) chopped cilantro leaves
Add a healthy tbs ghee (just rest the spoon in the bowl with the cilantro)
Add a generous sprinkling of course sea salt.
Add the juice of ½ lime (depending on your flavor preference — this is how I like it , you may prefer less lime juice—play with it)
Top off with several ladels full of your cooked kitchari!
Stir it up and enjoy !! right amount of lime juice and sea salt are key here. You will find your PERFECT flavor blue print .

Kitchari is incredible for breakfast , lunch or dinner … and also for all three! I hope you fall in love with this delicious , nourishing, cleansing food!!

Ready to dive in? Take a Wellness Flush & 24 Hour Spa Day in which Kitchari is your whole menu plan ! Treat yourself !

Dew Drop Wellness

21 Day Cleanse, Info. & Intro

Everything you need to know about the dew drop wellness 21 day detox program.


This is a Research Driven, Sustainable , NonGimmicky , Holistic Program that is specifically designed to work WITH (not against) your fully choreographed and busy lifestyle. It is choreographed in such a way that follows the order of efficiency for the inner organs.

Delphine Davidson (the founder and the creator) is a Certified Holistic Clinical Family Herbalist , so there is a strong herbal component woven into each phase of the detoxification program.   She is also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who has been teaching for 13 years , so there are recommendations and videos provided for daily yoga and meditation.   To only focus upon the physical body is  just not enough.


For Each of the Three Weeks, You will be provided with menu plans, shopping lists and recipes , along with a list of gentle cleansing and detoxification practices to add to your daily routine.   You will also be given a daily yoga practice and guided meditation.

Week 1: Cleaning Blood & Clearing Accumulated Waste.

During week ONE we are preparing and conditioning the body for liver and lymphatic flushing. Eating a whole foods , plant based diet.


Week 2: Spring / Liver FLUSH & DETOXIFICATION.

Week 2 is all about effectively clearing out the pathways of detoxification for the liver and gall bladder and continuing the process of conditioning the inner organs for lymphatic flushing.


Week 3: Summer/ Lymphatic Flush

In this phase we will give the major systems of the body a “break” from more difficult foods to digest so that they can get to the deeper detoxification that they rarely have a chance to do.   In this phase you will embark upon a fully guided 1-3 day juice fast/lymphatic flush.

After Week 3 fall/ re-integration

In this final “phase” we talk about strategizing a strong finish , what you will add back in and what you are happy to be done with permanently. Since by this phase your blood , lymph , liver, gall bladder and digestion are properly conditioned , you’ll be well equipped to add in other foods and to decipher which you may or may not be allergic to.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of this Program?   The entire cost of the program is $300 (Please ask me for a payment plan option!  there are several)  this  cost  includes  my services and my dedication to your balanced healing journey 24/7 , all supplements and  the three herbal tea formulas from The Dew Drop Wellness Apothecary , formulated by Delphine Davidson.  Aside from food shopping and possibly purchasing other cleansing, spa , detoxification tools ; there are no hidden costs.

Can I continue to work full time while on the cleanse?

Yes, this program is designed to blend, bend and flex to harmonize with your modern , busy lifestyle. You and I can strategize by adding in certain foods that we are invited to cut out. You may choose to add in fatty fish, or soft boiled eggs (just for examples of what certain people end up doing) .

Will We Be Eating Food? or Fasting?

YES! You will be surviving off of a plant based-whole foods diet. We will be working with the “Crowding Out “ Theory which focuses less on what we are taking out of the diet and more on what we are adding in. For Example , dry skin brushing, journal writing, drinking a gallon of water a day, barefoot walking meditations, castor oil pack, enema (OPTIONAL) blood building, tongue scraping, new recipes, oil pulling etc. You WILL learn about ALL of these over the course of the 21 days.   All are optional, all are suggested for your most profound detoxification experience. Not until the third week will you be given the option to do a fully supported and guided 1 to 3 day juice fast as a lymphatic flush.

Have I left a question unanswered? Please feel free to email me or call me anytime.

my cell phone # (828) 593 9341


Delphine Davidson

Owner / CEO Dew Drop Wellness & Days Pharm .


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Drink your greens! Ditch the supplements.

Here’s how & Here’s Why.

I have a little Dew Drop Wellness rant for you today.   It comes coupled with some not so great news.   …

The supplement industry is not supporting an environmental solution.  In fact,  monthly ( which really means: daily)  they are adding to environmental destruction in various ways.   If  your supplement is  not sold to you in a glass bottle,  than it’s not fit for you to consume.   When a company manufactures and packages their product in glass it demonstrates that they care about the  integrity of the product and that they may also care about presenting you with something that will help your goals for optimal health & disease prevention.

Furthermore …95% of “health food” companies are  presenting a product  that is chalk  full of fillers and chemicals which will at BEST give you a placebo effect :  feeling like you’re doing something good for yourself by popping a pill … when in fact you are giving your body more UN-recognizable information to process which in turn has the opposite effect.    So sad.  It’s a tragedy to think we are at a point now where more people than EVER are trying to give themselves something better , more people are hungry for disease prevention , brighter health and stronger inner systems. As an unfair result they’re being given supplements that are less than fit for consumption.      Hang in there , it’s not all doomsday (you know me) … the goodies are coming right up!
The solution? Look to your whole foods to get the nutrients that your body needs.   Direct translation: grow your own if you can (it’s as LOCAL as it gets!)  , go to the farmers market , talk directly to the person who is growing your food and see what is fresh ( in my opinion? the “right” diet consists of local , fresh , seasonal foods)  , make a concerted effort to eat more dark leafy greens ( raw or lightly blanched gives you the highest mineral , vitamin &  ENZYMATIC value) ,  & finally : start this journey today: avoid processed foods all together (this takes time).


My conclusion? I’m on Mother Nature’s team.  “She” provides us with all of the nutrients we need to survive and to thrive in a BRIGHT life. We don’t need to extract, mash, deep fry , dehydrate nor freeze dry , what the Earth provides for us  and shape them into a pill.

Eat a whole bell pepper!  There is more vitamin C in a bell pepper than anything! Whole broccoli  is a GREAT source of recognizable easily assimilated CALCIUM, Kale : a powerhouse of protein and vitamins.   Again: Nature made no mistake in creating what we need for optimal health and it’s great news: We don’t even need to “supplement” that!

With the exception of a few that I do support — Vitamin D ( we are all deficient ) , Omegas , but these are pretty easy to get into your food supply , occasionally probiotics , if you’re not making your own .  (learn how to make your own right here)   .

In conclusion ; I am  in support of  a healthy planet and healthy human beings . I’m recklessly dedicated to finding environmental solutions and solutions to your optimal health… So here is a start : Ditch the plastic bottle of supplements and get on THIS bandwagon of power house awesomeness!!   My favorite green drink recipe coming right up…

IMG_0521 Here she is: My VERY favorite way to get my vitamins and minerals , enzymes , liver cleansing and heart healer : Parsley!!   I know I talk about it a lot….  but you just might find that we are on to something here.  Parsley provides nature’s best carotenoids and is a nutrition powerhouse of a few known anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and flavonoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, apiole, rutin and apigenin).  No pill  to pop & your body INSTANTLY recognizes it and knows exactly what to do with it.

This tiny-leaf plant is rich with chlorophyll, vitamin A, B, C, and K, folate and iron. It has high beneficial mineral contents like calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vanadium, and zinc.

And did you know chlorophyll pairs an  amazing similarity between the molecule structures of both chlorophyll and the human blood (hemoglobin). Making this rock star super food a blood builder & cleanser too!

I like to keep my Green Drinks simple and easy take 3 – 5 ingredients , blend them up and sip your greens . It’s a win win for you & the planet!

I start by throwing  1) a healthy sized bundle of parsley ( kale or celery) into the blender

2) Add the fresh root of ginger (turmeric or cayenne pepper)

3)  finally , choose the liquid of your choice : water for a less sweet green drink or my other favorite grapefruit juice. If you don’t LOVE the flavor of parsley, this really helps to make it more tasty. and it is… in fact SUPER DELICIOUS!     Blend it up for about 3 minutes & consider investing in a high powered blender.      I’d also ditch the juicer…. but that is a whole new topic.  maybe next week!

Until then!  Drink your greens! With Love Delphine & Dew Drop Wellness.





Ready to learn more?


Delphine’s Super Foods Pesto (…& it’s also vegan!)

Delphine’s Super Foods Pesto! (…& it’s also Vegan)


So Simple!   Pesto is a super versatile Fresh & Sassy  Summer Food that can be slathered onto  pretty much ANYTHING you choose to eat!!   Let’s check it out.

Start with one healthy bundle of organic Basil, remove the stems & place it in your food processor.

add one ( or  two … if you’d like your pesto to be a bit more nutrient dense) cloves of raw garlic ,

the juice of one whole  lemon (or a tad less depending on your taste preference),

1/8 – 1/4 cup of extra virgin Olive Oil (depending upon the consistency you are looking for)

Olive oil is great for your skin and for the health of your organs (including your Heart and your Brain)… so as far as I’m concerned? the more  you use the better!

2-3 tsp. nutritional yeast (totally optional),

sea salt to your  taste preference,

3 tbs ( + – ) hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts)  THIS ( & the fresh , raw basil)  is what makes this recipe  a super-foods pesto>   Hemp seeds add all:  omegas 3 , 6 & 9  plus  other great brain and blood  healing , building and cleansing qualities. You may also choose to sub  raw pumpkin seeds instead of hemp seeds. They’ll change the taste… but just a little bit.


Pulse  it up in your food processor for a minute or two  and pour it over your spiralized zucchini , or other steamed veggies and or pasta.   You Choose!  Most importantly : play with your food & enjoy this life to the fullest!


Praise for DDW & Delphine

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