Homemade Nut Milk



Delphine’s Hazelnut , Almond , Hemp (or any other kind of nut or seed) Milk.

2 c. raw organic hazelnuts (soak them overnight … 2nights are ok; not necessary) rinse , drain.

2 tbs. local raw honey (optional)  sub with a date or two if  honey is not your jam.

2 cardamon seeds (break open the pod and take out 2 or 3 seeds), cinnamon , or nutmeg are also great!

1tsp vanilla extract.

 I start with 2 cups of  nuts or seeds of choice , and will make 1 batch at a time

Place 1 cup of soaked nuts or seeds

3 cups of water into a blender

blend at high speed for 30 seconds – 1 minute (depending on how high powered your blender is … vitamix: ideal)

 strain through a milk bag squeezing out every last precious drop of milk

put strained milk back into  blender


(discard nut fiber into compost or make a face mask,  power bars or dehydrated crackers with it)

 add back into the blender with strained milk: approx 1 TBS. honey (or sweetener of your choice. an unsweetened milk is also quite lovely)

½ tsp vanilla extract

1-3 seeds from cardamom pod (or cinnamon or nutmeg).

Blend for up to 2 minutes

Sip & enjoy!! 





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