YOUR TOP TOOLS , TIPS & TECHNIQUES for Optimal Bronchial Health

ginger2The relevant question arises ( as I sit here coughing… and wondering, how on earth does this healthy lady end up sick…  AGAIN this year!?)    So, how do we “cleanse” the respiratory system?   Well ,  the main way to assist and to tone and build up your respiratory system is to focus on clearing out mucus.   Here are some simple tools to help you in doing so:

1) INCREASE aromatic spices and herbs in your cooking and tea preparations. Use turmeric, ginger , cumin , cardamon , cinnamon, cayenne pepper in your grains and veggies.   Also consider what inspiration you can find by adding thyme, oregano, basil, or parsley to your dishes.  There is a reason the cultures that use these aromatic herbs in their every day cooking tend to be healthier and live longer with lower incidence of heart disease or obesity!

2) ADD  facial steams using aromatic herbs or essentail oils. Start by getting  a large pot of water,  set it up  to boil on the stove top. You may add essential oils or fresh herbs, whichever you have readily at hand.  Add any of the following to the boiled water: eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, oregano, thyme,  or rosemary.  add a few drops, but keep it simple (you don’t want the smell to overwhelm your senses)  to your hot water.  Set the hot pot onto a towel or hot pad and with a second towel draped over your head , lean over the water mix, close out all light & inhale deep into your lungs for as long as you can stand it 7-15 minutes.  This is also a great treatment for your skin , as the largest organ of detoxification; a steam bath opens your pores and gives an opportunity for your skin to do it’s primary job which is to release toxins.

3) ADD herbal tea blends.  Use the herbs :peppermint (which is cooling and drawing)  Holy Basil ( a deep immune boosting aromatic herb) , Alfalfa ( an antiinflammatory , & nutritive plant ally)  sip one to three cups per day.


4) INCREASE your daily intake of  cayenne pepper in hot water with lemon (sip copious amounts) . The powerfully pungent herbs like cayenne pepper , horseradish, ginger, onions and garlic work well to clear the upper respiratory passages.

5) NETI POT : with warm salt water to clear  your nasal passages. This is also an incredible tool for fighting allergies.

6) TAKE OUT :  raw foods and any mucus forming foods. Raw foods (while they are the powerhouses of supreme doses of amazing digestive boosting enzymes) can also cause dampness and this damp quality in your gut can slow all eliminative/digestive  processes down. Incorporate raw foods on a long term and regular basis. Consider the seasons when considering when is the best time of year to INCREASE your raw food intake.   It’s a balance to be found. With an acute lung inflammation situation;  it is best to keep your digestive fires ignited and even a little on the dry or  fiery side. Eliminate the more obvious mucus forming foods like dairy, sugar, cold -sweet-creamy foods , processed fats and oils etc…  Most animal products have higher metabolic waste and thus can create more mucus.   Also to consider is that food sensitivities come in to this picture and they’re different for every body.   For example someone could have an allergy/sensitivity to sesame seeds ; thus this would then be considered a mucus forming food for that individual, as mucus is the bodies reaction to inflammation.

Enjoy! and Take GOOD care of yourself. You deserve it!

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