Radiant Skin Care!

Hello Happy Health Nuts…  ready to take it to the next level?


Beauty, health and Self Love are all more than skin deep. I know you’ve heard this a million times right?

It is time once again to take inventory & assess what is adding chaos or toxicity to your life or your body. Ready? These two (life and how we care for our bodies ) become reflections of each other.  How you take care of your body is often times how you feel about your life… what you might be avoiding, or what needs more loving care and attention from you.   (read all the way through for my  5 simple tips for extra radiant skin)Rather than getting too heavy here, let’s  approach  this matter from a skin care perspective. It is GREAT! and fun and delightful!   Take a look at those products in your ‘medicine’ cabinet.    Knowing that your skin is your largest organ of detoxification, cleansing and elimination we know that your skin absorbs EVERYTHING that we slather on it.   Is there anything in there that you wouldn’t willingly or orally ingest?  Most commonly (and sadly) the answer for many is YES.  We feel we need to spend $75 for an ounce of product that is teeming with chemicals , preservatives and fragrance.   It  (health, wellness, diet , skin care, beauty etc…) is an industry built on the message that you need something from the outside , to feel fulfilled on the inside.    Radiant glowing health begins by addressing what is happening on your inner terrain and then gathering control of the lively culture that your body is ( for that we have cleansing, meditation, yoga classes, walks in nature etc) .   From the outside , begin your journey of clearing out the old chemicals from your medicine cabinet , drawers and under sink areas 😉  and replacing them with Earth Friendly, chemical & fragrance free products.   Your body will just thank you so very very much.


Dew Drop Wellness encourages this! and lucky for all of us she has an INSIDE scoop with the owner of days pharm  (she IS the inside scoop).   http://www.dayspharm.com .  Dew Drop Wellness feels that INGREDIENTS MATTER!  so why put anything but the very very best on that skin that you work so hard to preserve, plump, inspire, rejuvenate, etc…    ?

Days Pharm is making a perfectly luscious cream for your face with an ingredients list to bring a dewy glow,  awe & inspiration to tired , sun kissed / damaged skin.   This cream has sea palm from our cliffs here on the north coast, red rose petals, yerba maté, coconut oil, hibiscus, rose hips, lavender, calendula.   It is all edible (though not too tasty) 🙂 .   I’m in love with it ,  and as a  person who spent her childhood & most of her  life on the beaches here in northern California I’m happy to slather it on two or 3 times a day.  The list of Ultra-Pure, nutrient rich , ingredients is delicately formulated to draw out toxins from your skin, astringe and hydrate at the same time.  It’s the product that makes sensitive skinned folks so happy & is proving to fill lines and plump cells.  Yes!


Check out what days pharm is up to on FB   :  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Days-Pharm-Ultra-Pure-Body-Creams/183185715095890

& send me a message when you’re ready to try your first tub of delightful , lavish, luxurious … perfect cream. californiapoppi@gmail.com   (send me an email… it’s the best way to order)



1) Hydrate! drink 3 – 4 quarts of fresh spring water a day! try this for 30 days in a row … see the effects

2) eat a clean diet , of fresh , whole, plant based foods . eliminate toxins and chemicals .

3) experiment (another 30 day challenge?) eliminating all dairy products. (we see the most profound effects from this ONE simple tip)

4) learn the art of dry skin brushing before you shower

5) sip an herbal blend of calendula, lavender, dandelion and oat tops for true radiance from within.




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