Yoga, Growing Pains, Detox Etc…

To the  Loveliest (lively , dynamic)  Community on the Planet,
Dew Drop Wellness is going through some wonderfully uplifting growth spurts and as many of you have experienced on your yoga mat… these moments of growth can be slightly (or incredibly)  uncomfortable, leaving us wondering if we are headed in the right direction.   Life for me has been enriched and raw and wonderful in every way you could imagine and I am anticipating having the chance to share some goodness with you!
Personally,  I have grown enamored with  how the time we spend on our yoga mats Strongly Suggests shift, “may we never again  abandon our true destiny!” , Invites Positive Change  “May we have the COURAGE to stretch past a bud to A blossom” and gives us the means to keep on connecting with our own individual creativity.  Being in connection with your creativity is a way to be connected to your higher power.  And yoga is about connection & awareness.   “May we continue to be true to ourselves and in so doing , effect sincere, positive & uplifting change on this entire planet!”
Your presence in the studio is noticed by me and is so important. Seeing you rolling out your yoga mat week after week and approaching your practice while attending to your breath and alignment  is a pure gesture of love and support to those who share the space with you! Your practicing next to another yogi, or yogini  is a message that encourages peace in these bodies… and peace on this EARTH.   We are all in this together!  Showing up and rolling out your sacred practice space is a vote in favor of LOVE, Community , support and inspiration to those who share the hope & the  space with you and to those who share this planet with US.  I am SO happy to know you in this way!  and look forward to practicing with you even more! Let’s dive deeper   Which Class is For YOU?
And if you need more support to  rinse , ring out , release toxicity, remove chaos and confusion  & to grow into the changes that you know are waiting for you now here is the 11 day detox series (the series was recently born from one of those discouraging moments; the trials that inevitably comes across our paths) …. they ALWAYS have some nectar to offer to us don’t they?  Just like a difficult yoga pose… Stay with it and the GOOD will present itself sooner or later.
I hope to see you soon.
always … with love for you!

Love, Delphine


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  1. That’s timely and No matter what we’re up to~ taking in some mention of continued cleansing…always welcome! Love, L.

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