Group Cleansing Classes


Dew Drop Wellness Presents ; a new way to get your health goals off to the healthiest start possible.  This is an intensively supported group cleansing process, which works well for people who are ready to reach out and ask for authentic help on their journey.

The ddw supported group cleanse is a holistic, full body, system by system , internal, external, physical, emotional , spiritual AND environmentally sustainable program.

Each group starts and finishes together ; but the journey REALLY begins when the class is over.  Sign up today to join Delphine Davidson (Founder of Dew Drop Wellness) for one of these unique, and game changing cleanse classes.

Get pumped for a 6 week program to get you into the groove with your highest vision of health and well being. It really works! Or sign up for an online 11 day detox.  These run seasonally and periodically (“like” dew drop wellness on FB to stay in touch with when the next one starts) . In this program you still have comprehensive online support, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.   For more information email  and to register click here :

Many of you feel an inner pull or an urge from time to time; most often this happens seasonally for people.  It is a desire for deeper health and for a release of unneeded excess, so follow your natural desire for cleansing   in the supportive group of people who have the same desire as you do, to finally meet up with your true and bright , healthy self!!

All of dew drop wellness’s supported programs offers the strongest foundation imaginable for those desires you have for your optimal health.

“this is a 6  week assisted cleanse that invigorates and supports you Step-By-Step to reach your goals and make permanent lifestyle changes”

The aim of this program is to create a small and intimate group of people who are interested in getting some  support and step by step tools that can be used for the rest of your life, but especially during the more challenging times.

This program offers

-6 classes together over the course of 6 weeks. In these classes we will talk in our small group about goals, patterns and what seems to hold us back, where we are blocked.

-you will receive practical tools , tricks, recipes, book referrals and easy shopping lists.

-The support of 7 other amazing people to lift and inspire you with their journey.

-Break habits & tenacious patterns. Make new ones.

-Recipes to inspire.

-Email support in between sessions from a trained and professional herbalist and nutritional counselor. 

-Western Herbs as a foundation of a healthy cleanse.




Delphine Davidson (owner of Days Pharm, Botanical Therapeutics and Dew Drop Wellness) is an impassioned health counselor and a self proclaimed integrated health nut who never discredits a lovely glass of wine with a good friend!  She holds certifications in two Yoga Alliance  Accredited organizations, she trained for three years in clinical and medicinal western medical herbs to become a Traditional Family Herbalist and is also a certified Holistic Health Counselor who is chomping at the bit to share her enthusiasm and joy for a bright and enlivened life with YOU!

looking forward. sitting in a place of self love and excitement for what lies ahead.


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