Dew Drops Super Simple Kimchi Recipe DIY!

Dew Drops #DIY Super Simple Spicy Kimchi


I’m sure you have heard about how important it is to boost  a flourishing beneficial bacteria culture in your gut.   The topic is about probiotics and the myriad ways to get yours going strong in your own digestive tract.   Why?  A Healthy Gut is being positively linked to weight loss, combating depression, mental clarity,  severely boosting immune function, cleansing , clearing detoxification pathways and aiding in efficient PRODUCTIVE digestion.   I’m thinking that we ALL want some of that in our lives.  Did you know that we have up to SIX pounds of bacteria in our gut?   And that the 6 pounds is made up of both “good” and “bad” bacteria. Our job is to bombard and crowd out the bad bacteria with the good stuff. At the end of the day ; making your own is the very very best way to get to largest amount of probiotic goodness per serving.   There are so many recipes and I thought that for me; in order to cross the DIY in the wonderful world of  “FERMENTEDS”  I’d like to start with a most basic Kim chi .   It consists of less than 6 ingredients not too much equipment and an hour in your kitchen.   Enjoy your Kim Chi ADVENTURE!! stay tuned for more simple DIY probiotic sources you can make in your own kitchen.  Because as you know it is Dew Drop Wellness’s MISSION to make health , happiness and transformation available to you in the MOST user friendly way.

Alright! Let’s DO this!


YOU WILL NEED  1 and a half  large  heads of Napa cabbage ( save aside for later on:  4 or 5 “unholy” whole outer leaves) .



Slice  it  thinly with your best chef’s knife



Have your largest Bowl on hand


&  A ceramic crock with a weight (OR) several quart size mason jars. in this photo the weight sits inside the crock underneath the lid and keeps everything in order in there!



A few Tbs sea salt

Approximately 6 robust Cloves of Garlic smashed


¼ large red onion thinly slice with a mandolin preferrably


a sprinkle of red chili flakes

a sprinkle of jalapeño powder


This was my very first time making my own Kim Chi, so all of the amounts will vary after I taste it in 24 hours or so.


Step 1 create 1 layer of cabbage , all of the garlic and a light sprinkling of sea salt on the bottom of the bowl.


Step 2 Cover that layer with another layer of cabbage and sea salt and then top it with the sliced red onion.


Step 3 Add more cabbage to the top of the onions and then more sea salt … continue to layer cabbage then salt and so on until you’ve used it all up.   Top it with a sprinkle of each : red chili flakes and jalapeño powder . (Let it sit “sweating” — Or some people call it “weeping” for 30-45 minutes ; don’t mix yet! )


Step 4 After the cabbage has sat for up to 45 minutes then DIG ON IN!   start to massage it with your cleaned hands . It starts to look “cooked” see photo below.  Use your hands to break up the plant cell walls and to release some of the juices from the veggies.   Napa Cabbage is a really great “beginners’ recipe b/c it gives a LOT back and the process of creating a brine takes a lot less time.



Step 5 Before it gets too briny, (so that you don’t lose a drop of this precious liquid)  transfer everything to your jars or ceramic crock. Then continue to work it all down until the brine rises above the vegetable matter.


Step 6  take the reserved cabbage leaves and create a seal at the top of the veggie line. Make SURE to push all of the veggie matter beneath the level of water. You can use a weight for this . If you don’t have a fancy specialized crock with a weight; anything heavy will do; a brick, a jar of water etc…

IMG_9317             IMG_9318




IMG_9319             IMG_9320

see how the weight pushes the cabbage down and the brine up?   this is what you want.


Step 7   Cover it all up and allow to sit 48 hours. Check the flavor over the course and once you have to flavor you like. Transfer it (if it isn’t already) to jars and refrigerate!   Your Kimchi is READY to enjoy!



Yoga, Growing Pains, Detox Etc…

To the  Loveliest (lively , dynamic)  Community on the Planet,
Dew Drop Wellness is going through some wonderfully uplifting growth spurts and as many of you have experienced on your yoga mat… these moments of growth can be slightly (or incredibly)  uncomfortable, leaving us wondering if we are headed in the right direction.   Life for me has been enriched and raw and wonderful in every way you could imagine and I am anticipating having the chance to share some goodness with you!
Personally,  I have grown enamored with  how the time we spend on our yoga mats Strongly Suggests shift, “may we never again  abandon our true destiny!” , Invites Positive Change  “May we have the COURAGE to stretch past a bud to A blossom” and gives us the means to keep on connecting with our own individual creativity.  Being in connection with your creativity is a way to be connected to your higher power.  And yoga is about connection & awareness.   “May we continue to be true to ourselves and in so doing , effect sincere, positive & uplifting change on this entire planet!”
Your presence in the studio is noticed by me and is so important. Seeing you rolling out your yoga mat week after week and approaching your practice while attending to your breath and alignment  is a pure gesture of love and support to those who share the space with you! Your practicing next to another yogi, or yogini  is a message that encourages peace in these bodies… and peace on this EARTH.   We are all in this together!  Showing up and rolling out your sacred practice space is a vote in favor of LOVE, Community , support and inspiration to those who share the hope & the  space with you and to those who share this planet with US.  I am SO happy to know you in this way!  and look forward to practicing with you even more! Let’s dive deeper   Which Class is For YOU?
And if you need more support to  rinse , ring out , release toxicity, remove chaos and confusion  & to grow into the changes that you know are waiting for you now here is the 11 day detox series (the series was recently born from one of those discouraging moments; the trials that inevitably comes across our paths) …. they ALWAYS have some nectar to offer to us don’t they?  Just like a difficult yoga pose… Stay with it and the GOOD will present itself sooner or later.
I hope to see you soon.
always … with love for you!

Love, Delphine

Radiant Skin Care!

Hello Happy Health Nuts…  ready to take it to the next level?


Beauty, health and Self Love are all more than skin deep. I know you’ve heard this a million times right?

It is time once again to take inventory & assess what is adding chaos or toxicity to your life or your body. Ready? These two (life and how we care for our bodies ) become reflections of each other.  How you take care of your body is often times how you feel about your life… what you might be avoiding, or what needs more loving care and attention from you.   (read all the way through for my  5 simple tips for extra radiant skin)Rather than getting too heavy here, let’s  approach  this matter from a skin care perspective. It is GREAT! and fun and delightful!   Take a look at those products in your ‘medicine’ cabinet.    Knowing that your skin is your largest organ of detoxification, cleansing and elimination we know that your skin absorbs EVERYTHING that we slather on it.   Is there anything in there that you wouldn’t willingly or orally ingest?  Most commonly (and sadly) the answer for many is YES.  We feel we need to spend $75 for an ounce of product that is teeming with chemicals , preservatives and fragrance.   It  (health, wellness, diet , skin care, beauty etc…) is an industry built on the message that you need something from the outside , to feel fulfilled on the inside.    Radiant glowing health begins by addressing what is happening on your inner terrain and then gathering control of the lively culture that your body is ( for that we have cleansing, meditation, yoga classes, walks in nature etc) .   From the outside , begin your journey of clearing out the old chemicals from your medicine cabinet , drawers and under sink areas 😉  and replacing them with Earth Friendly, chemical & fragrance free products.   Your body will just thank you so very very much.


Dew Drop Wellness encourages this! and lucky for all of us she has an INSIDE scoop with the owner of days pharm  (she IS the inside scoop). .  Dew Drop Wellness feels that INGREDIENTS MATTER!  so why put anything but the very very best on that skin that you work so hard to preserve, plump, inspire, rejuvenate, etc…    ?

Days Pharm is making a perfectly luscious cream for your face with an ingredients list to bring a dewy glow,  awe & inspiration to tired , sun kissed / damaged skin.   This cream has sea palm from our cliffs here on the north coast, red rose petals, yerba maté, coconut oil, hibiscus, rose hips, lavender, calendula.   It is all edible (though not too tasty) 🙂 .   I’m in love with it ,  and as a  person who spent her childhood & most of her  life on the beaches here in northern California I’m happy to slather it on two or 3 times a day.  The list of Ultra-Pure, nutrient rich , ingredients is delicately formulated to draw out toxins from your skin, astringe and hydrate at the same time.  It’s the product that makes sensitive skinned folks so happy & is proving to fill lines and plump cells.  Yes!


Check out what days pharm is up to on FB   :

& send me a message when you’re ready to try your first tub of delightful , lavish, luxurious … perfect cream.   (send me an email… it’s the best way to order)



1) Hydrate! drink 3 – 4 quarts of fresh spring water a day! try this for 30 days in a row … see the effects

2) eat a clean diet , of fresh , whole, plant based foods . eliminate toxins and chemicals .

3) experiment (another 30 day challenge?) eliminating all dairy products. (we see the most profound effects from this ONE simple tip)

4) learn the art of dry skin brushing before you shower

5) sip an herbal blend of calendula, lavender, dandelion and oat tops for true radiance from within.



Dew Drop’s Spicy Slaw


I have been eating this spunky dish a lot these days, I’m just LOVING the variety it brings !



The juice of 2 limes

½ red onion thinly sliced

a clove or two of garlic (optional)

up to a tsp and a half cumin

a sprinkle of cayenne pepper

Sea Salt to taste

Cilantro ( 3-4 … or more! Tbs. finely chopped)

3-4 Tbs extra virgin olive oil  (if you choose the option of veganaise or mayonnaise -see below- than you’ll need less olive oil)

¼ or ½ (or MORE) purple cabbage. Shredded or sliced thinly with a mandolin.

Spice and salt measurements will all depend upon how much cabbage you are adding. Measure accordingly & play around with it.

Cholula ( optional)

Veganaise (optional) or Mayonaise (also optional)

How to make it happen


Squeeze the juice of one lime into the bottom of your salad bowl. Add some salt.

Thinly slice the red onion and allow to swim , “cook” and marinate in the lime juice for 7-10 minutes give or take.


Add the cumin & cilantro

Stir and allow to sit a bit longer.

Sprinkle some cayenne pepper ( just a touch ; you can always add more at the end. Best not to over do the spice)

Add the cabbage (stir , or massage with your bare hands)

the mandolin is my favorite tool for making delicious salads!
the mandolin is my favorite tool for making delicious salads!

TASTE & decide : Add the optional mayonnaise and Cholula?   Either way es muy buena!

Buen provecho!

Ridiculously Delicious Kale Salad

This is a complete & delightful meal!


For 1)   ONE cup of kale has more calcium than ONE cup of whole milk.

and secondly ) this dark leafy wonder plant is classified as a SUPER FOOD!  which means it’s just LOADED with vital nutrients.   and it’s carbon foot print is MUCH smaller than some of the more exotic super foods.  Especially small if you’re growing your OWN!

Finally ) if you do it right : it’s more than just a trendy health food 🙂  it’s delicious!  Provides protein, essential minerals, is alkalizing and blood cleansing.

Find the following ingredients:
-3/4 healthy head of (any kind ) of Kale , washed and coarsely chopped (the smaller the better in my book)

-the juice of 1 lemon

-1/2 red onion (sliced thinly with a mandolin)

-2 stalks of celery thinly sliced

-1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic

-a healthy sprinkle of nutritional yeast (optional)

-3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

-sea salt to taste

-toasted pumpkin seeds

-1/4 purple cabbage (sliced with a mandolin preferably)



Ready to begin!?  Let’s go! Start by soaking the thinly sliced red onions & up to 2 cloves of raw garlic  in the juice of 1/2 of the lemon

add sea salt , stir it up and allow to marinate for 7-10 minutes – sprinkle on the nutritional yeast.  stir again. let sit a few minutes.


add the celery and cabbage


Add the extra virgin olive oil and stir and continue to let it sit a few more minutes.

At this point toast up the pumpkin seeds .  For greatest flavor and results use raw organic pumpkin seeds.

place them into a dry cast iron skillet and let them warm up until they start popping (but not one millisecond longer!  they burn fast!)

add a sprinkle of sea salt and continue stirring! by holding the handle and keeping the seeds “agitated”

when they’re 75% browned ; take them off the heat completely. the heat from the cast iron pan will continue to cook them ; so keep on keeping a close watch over them.    Add a conservative Tbs. of extra virgin olive oil to the pan and stir them up.  set them aside.  You’ll top the salad with these seeds later.



Next add the chopped kale to the salad.   I used to de-stem and hand tear my kale… but I’m a busy woman and this was all just too high maintenance for me.  I need it to be easy and quick, besides the stems of Kale add an element of hydration that we all could use!   Enjoy that simplicity.

Stir everything up really well. I will , at this point, even wash my hands ; put the bowl of salad in the sink and use my hands to stir and massage the whole shebang.  Massaging the kale with start to break up the plant cell walls; making more nutrients readily available . Massage it until everything is well mixed.

Add the last of the lemon juice and perhaps a splash of Ume plum vinegar for more salt and flavor.

Stir it up some more and top it with your toasted pumpkin seeds

avocado! (optional)

Goat cheese , or sheeps feta (optional and delicious!)


Enjoy every bite!



YOUR TOP TOOLS , TIPS & TECHNIQUES for Optimal Bronchial Health

ginger2The relevant question arises ( as I sit here coughing… and wondering, how on earth does this healthy lady end up sick…  AGAIN this year!?)    So, how do we “cleanse” the respiratory system?   Well ,  the main way to assist and to tone and build up your respiratory system is to focus on clearing out mucus.   Here are some simple tools to help you in doing so:

1) INCREASE aromatic spices and herbs in your cooking and tea preparations. Use turmeric, ginger , cumin , cardamon , cinnamon, cayenne pepper in your grains and veggies.   Also consider what inspiration you can find by adding thyme, oregano, basil, or parsley to your dishes.  There is a reason the cultures that use these aromatic herbs in their every day cooking tend to be healthier and live longer with lower incidence of heart disease or obesity!

2) ADD  facial steams using aromatic herbs or essentail oils. Start by getting  a large pot of water,  set it up  to boil on the stove top. You may add essential oils or fresh herbs, whichever you have readily at hand.  Add any of the following to the boiled water: eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, oregano, thyme,  or rosemary.  add a few drops, but keep it simple (you don’t want the smell to overwhelm your senses)  to your hot water.  Set the hot pot onto a towel or hot pad and with a second towel draped over your head , lean over the water mix, close out all light & inhale deep into your lungs for as long as you can stand it 7-15 minutes.  This is also a great treatment for your skin , as the largest organ of detoxification; a steam bath opens your pores and gives an opportunity for your skin to do it’s primary job which is to release toxins.

3) ADD herbal tea blends.  Use the herbs :peppermint (which is cooling and drawing)  Holy Basil ( a deep immune boosting aromatic herb) , Alfalfa ( an antiinflammatory , & nutritive plant ally)  sip one to three cups per day.


4) INCREASE your daily intake of  cayenne pepper in hot water with lemon (sip copious amounts) . The powerfully pungent herbs like cayenne pepper , horseradish, ginger, onions and garlic work well to clear the upper respiratory passages.

5) NETI POT : with warm salt water to clear  your nasal passages. This is also an incredible tool for fighting allergies.

6) TAKE OUT :  raw foods and any mucus forming foods. Raw foods (while they are the powerhouses of supreme doses of amazing digestive boosting enzymes) can also cause dampness and this damp quality in your gut can slow all eliminative/digestive  processes down. Incorporate raw foods on a long term and regular basis. Consider the seasons when considering when is the best time of year to INCREASE your raw food intake.   It’s a balance to be found. With an acute lung inflammation situation;  it is best to keep your digestive fires ignited and even a little on the dry or  fiery side. Eliminate the more obvious mucus forming foods like dairy, sugar, cold -sweet-creamy foods , processed fats and oils etc…  Most animal products have higher metabolic waste and thus can create more mucus.   Also to consider is that food sensitivities come in to this picture and they’re different for every body.   For example someone could have an allergy/sensitivity to sesame seeds ; thus this would then be considered a mucus forming food for that individual, as mucus is the bodies reaction to inflammation.

Enjoy! and Take GOOD care of yourself. You deserve it!

Learn MORE!

Simple Steps for Dealing with Sugar Addiction


1) Reduce or eliminate caffeine. The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar swings, causing sugar cravings to be more frequent.

2) Drink water. Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Perhaps you’re just thirsty…  in fact most likely this is JUST what you need. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and then wait a few minutes to see what happens.

Caution: soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.    Image

3) Eat sweet vegetables and fruit. They are sweet, healthy and delicious. The more you eat, the less you’ll crave sugar. I’m not on this “No More Fruit Sugars” bandwagon.  While I do feel “all good things in moderation” and “variety is the spice of life”   I do not think anyone should be missing out on all of the amazing phyto-nutrients, enzymes and vitamins  that a plump organic strawberry or an orange have to offer.   Yes they’re higher in sugar, but taken alongside the double chocolate fudge brownie… or twinkie (heaven forbid!)  they’re a “piece of cake” for your body to digest and they offer a HOST of luscious health benefits for your body to feed on.  Image

4) Use gentle sweets. Avoid chemicalized, artificial sweeteners and foods with added sugar. Use gentle sweeteners like maple syrup, brown rice syrup, dried fruit, stevia, barley malt and  (my personal favorite as an herbalist) HONEY; it is full of minerals and is also a broad spectrum anti-viral!         Image

5) Get physically active. Start with simple activities, like walking or yoga. Start with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase. It will help balance your blood sugar levels, boost your energy, and reduce tension without medicating yourself with sugar!  When I am regular with my visits to the gym and getting my “dose” of connectedness by feeling athletic and physical in my body, my cravings are nearly completely reduced!

6) Attend to your Sleeping Patterns. Get more sleep, rest and relaxation. When you are tired or stressed, your body will crave energy—in the form of sugar. These cravings are often a result of being sleep-deprived, going to bed late or waking up early, sometimes for months and years on end.

7)Evaluate the amount of animal food you eat. Eating too much can lead to cravings for sweets. So can eating too little! A good health counselor  will help you sort this out. Experiment. Respect your body’s individuality.

8) Eliminate fat-free or low-fat packaged snack-foods. These foods contain high quantities of sugar to compensate for lack of flavor and fat, which will send you on the roller-coaster ride of sugar highs and lows.  Not to mention the more processes it takes to create a “food product” the more processes are required from your body to glean nutrients from that food, leading to sluggish digestion, overworked and slowed lymph movement.

9) Experiment with spices. Coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom will naturally sweeten your foods and reduce cravings.

10) Slow down and find sweetness in non-food ways! Your body does not biologically need sugar, but it does long for hugs, time with friends, outside time, workouts, massages, etc. When life becomes sweet enough itself, no additives are needed!  Enjoy your sweet life! 🙂





Homemade Nut Milk



Delphine’s Hazelnut , Almond , Hemp (or any other kind of nut or seed) Milk.

2 c. raw organic hazelnuts (soak them overnight … 2nights are ok; not necessary) rinse , drain.

2 tbs. local raw honey (optional)  sub with a date or two if  honey is not your jam.

2 cardamon seeds (break open the pod and take out 2 or 3 seeds), cinnamon , or nutmeg are also great!

1tsp vanilla extract.

 I start with 2 cups of  nuts or seeds of choice , and will make 1 batch at a time

Place 1 cup of soaked nuts or seeds

3 cups of water into a blender

blend at high speed for 30 seconds – 1 minute (depending on how high powered your blender is … vitamix: ideal)

 strain through a milk bag squeezing out every last precious drop of milk

put strained milk back into  blender


(discard nut fiber into compost or make a face mask,  power bars or dehydrated crackers with it)

 add back into the blender with strained milk: approx 1 TBS. honey (or sweetener of your choice. an unsweetened milk is also quite lovely)

½ tsp vanilla extract

1-3 seeds from cardamom pod (or cinnamon or nutmeg).

Blend for up to 2 minutes

Sip & enjoy!!



Dew Drop Wellness

Dew Drop Wellness Welcomes you!  Enjoy exploring around the recently refreshed and enlivened site which is the home for my musings and inspirations as I bumble along my own journey to find balanced health.  Come on over.  Enjoy new recipes.   Hear current health news and find answers to your questions about all of the programs that Dew Drop Wellness is offering.

Hop on board let’s get going on this journey to integrated and balanced health.  -Delphine Davidson, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Traditional Family Herbalist.

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