The 11 day cleanse, Info. & Intro

Everything you need to know about the dew drop wellness 11 day detox program.

IMG_6382This is a Research Driven, Sustainable , Non-Gimmicky , Holistic Program that is specifically designed to work WITH (not against) your important responsibilities and your busy  & modern lifestyle. It is choreographed in such a way that follows the order of efficiency for deep detoxification of the inner organs.


Delphine Davidson (the founder and the creator) is a Certified Holistic Clinical Family Herbalist , so there is a strong herbal component woven into each phase of the detoxification program.   She is also a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who has been teaching for 13 years , so there are recommendations and videos provided for daily yoga and meditation.   To only focus upon the physical body simply not enough. Learn more about her approach and her training ; right here.

Over the 11 days you will be guided through 4 phases and each phase will last 3 days with the exception of the 4th phase which is only two days.

For Each of the Four Phases You will be provided with a full menu plan, shopping lists and recipes , along with a list of gentle cleansing and detoxification practices to add to your daily routine.   You will also be given a daily yoga practice and guided meditation.

PHASE 1: Days 1-3 : Winter / Cleaning Blood & Clearing Accumulated Waste.

In this phase we are preparing and conditioning the body for liver and lymphatic flushing.

PHASE 2 : Days, 4 – 6 : Spring / Liver FLUSH & DETOXIFICATION.

In this phase we are clearing out the pathways of detoxification for the liver and gall bladder and continuing the process of conditioning the inner organs for lymphatic flushing.

PHASE 3: Days 7-9 : Summer/ Lymphatic Flush

In this phase we will give the major systems of the body a “break” from more difficult foods to digest so that they can get to the deeper detoxification that they rarely have a chance to do.   In this phase you will embark upon a fully guided 1-3 day juice fast/lymphatic flush.

PHASE 4: Days 10 & 11 : fall/ re-integration

In this final phase we talk about strategizing a strong finish , what you will add back in and what you are happy to be done with permanently. since by this phase your blood , lympha , liver, gall bladder and digestion are properly conditioned , you’ll be well equipped to add in other foods and to decipher which you may or may not be allergic to.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of this Program?   The entire cost of the program is $150 with an option to buy the three herbal tea formulas from The Dew Drop Wellness Apothecary , formulated by Delphine Davidson for an additional $45.   Aside from food shopping and possibly purchasing other cleansing, spa , detoxification tools ; there are no hidden costs.

I Need this! I’m Ready to Sign Up! How should I prepare?

There are a few simple steps:

1) Always feel free to contact me with any questions this link has left unanswered! (828) 593 9341  & then… Complete your registration by contacting me and submitting your (non refundable) deposit.  You can either pop it into my mailbox (my address is below) at my house, or use PayPal . Finding me on PayPal is easy . Send to

2) if you haven’t already, Please become my friend on Facebook , by sending me a FB Friend request.  

3) Increase your water intake to at least 3 quarts of water /day

4) Start eating fresh non processed foods and using the 80/20 rule . That is 80% raw or cooked non starchy foods & 20% starchy or animal based foods.

5) 5-10 minutes of meditation a day.  Or just sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.

6) want to take it even farther?  You can start to cut out all known allergens at any time before our first meeting. These include: wheat, gluten, sugar, processed foods, processed fats, alcohol, recreational drugs, corn, soy and dairy.  We will definitely cut them all out by day one… so no harm in getting a head start.

Can I continue to work full time while on the cleanse?

Yes, this program is designed to blend, bend and flex to harmonize with your modern , busy lifestyle. You and I can strategize by adding in certain foods that we are invited to cut out. You may choose to add in fatty fish, or soft boiled eggs (just for examples of what certain people end up doing) .

Will We Be Eating Food? or Fasting?

YES! You will be surviving off of a plant based-whole foods diet. We will be working with the “Crowding Out “ Theory which focuses less on what we are taking out of the diet and more on what we are adding in. For Example , dry skin brushing, journal writing, drinking a gallon of water a day, barefoot walking meditaions, castor oil pack, enema (OPTIONAL) blood building, tongue scraping, new recipes, oil pulling etc.   ßYOU will learn about ALL of these over the course of the 11 days.   All are optional, all are suggested for your fullest experience.  Not until the third phase will you be given the option to do a 1 to 3 day juice fast as a lymphatic flush.

Can I attend this cleanse if I don’t live in the US?  Also… When are the meetings and do I have to be present for them?

You can attend this cleanse from ANYWHERE in the United States. We will either arrange to have you skype in, from the comfort of your living room. Or each meeting will be recorded for you!  The face to face meetings will be held in my living room at 144 N. Corry St. in Fort Bragg.  The first meeting will be on the evening of DAY 1 and the second meeting will be on the evening of DAY 11.  They will start at 5:30 (doors open at 5:15) and will last about an hour and a half.  If you can’t make it the meetings, I will record it for you and deliver it in the form of an audio file.

Have I left a question unanswered? Please feel free to email me or call me anytime.   Or… (828) 593 9341


Delphine Davidson

Owner / CEO Dew Drop Wellness & Days Pharm .

Testimonials ;

Delphine’s Yoga Teaching Shedule:

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